Q: Why should I pay for managing my project, when I can find a bunch of free suppliers online?

Finding a supplier is easy, finding the correct one is not.

Today with internet it is easier than ever to find some results of potential suppliers by typing your request on Google. You might find 100 to 300 potentials vendor possibilities for a single product and then you need to pick only one among all those options. If you want to do so, to save money on a first round, make sure you have enough time, experience and full confidence to narrow down the field of proper suppliers capable of delivering what you are expecting: price, quality, lead time.

Customer story:
One of our customers came to us after trying his chance directly with a “supplier”. He ordered 3000 MP4 Players and received 3000 USB Key. He tried contacting the vendor, but the vendor never replied.

Of course you can try going directly. We will always be here for you, to help you when you need us.

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