Why With Us:

Finding a supplier is easy, finding the correct one is not.

Today with internet it is easier than ever to find some results of potential suppliers by typing your request on Google. You might find 100 to 300 potentials vendor possibilities for a single product and then you need to pick only one among all those options. If you want to do so, to save money on a first round, make sure you have enough time, experience and full confidence to narrow down the field of proper suppliers capable of delivering what you are expecting: price, quality, lead time.

Customer story:
One of our customers came to us after trying his chance directly with a “supplier”. He ordered 3000 MP4 Players and received 3000 USB Key. He tried contacting the vendor, but the vendor never replied.

Of course you can try going directly. We will always be here for you, to help you when you need us.

After more than 6 years in Asia confronting trick after trick and issue after issue, we understood an essential point when doing business in Asia-Pacific, especially in China: It is absolutely essential to keep control as much as you can in the supply chain because it is the only way to identify and solve the cause of issues quickly and efficiently as they arise.

It means having transparency on suppliers of course, but above all sub-processors, the raw material suppliers. If you have no way to trace each element used to make your product, you will lose control, and when issues arise, you will not be able of analyzing the root cause of it. For this reason, controlling the whole supply chain, from carefully selecting the correct manufacturer, to raw materials until the items are shipped, is absolutely essential. It is possible to do so only if you have vision on every supply, or at least, and optimally, your feet on the ground there.

Therefore we are your feet and your eyes on field. We’re your custom item manufacturer.

There is no general answer to this question since an important set of parameters may enter into consideration: quantity ordered, product type, materials used, product complexity, etc, but you save money right away from the first project.

Compared to procuring your product in Europe or in the USA, we succeed in saving our clients between 30% to 50% and more. Believe us, it will pay off in the end.

We bring to the deal several things that cost money and we don’t charge you extra for it:

– We save you time, and this is worth money because time is money.

– We save you hassle because we protect you, highly reducing risks, also worth money.

– All our projects, small, medium or large are insured from the very beginning. You don’t have to pay anything, it’s our default procedure and policy. If you don’t receive your goods (not something that ever happens with us) We will refund in full whatever amount you have paid us.

– We are extremely successful attaining the best price when negotiating from Chinese company to Chinese company (this is not automatic). We have a partner office located there with people in the field negotiating in the same language and under our guidelines to take care of your project from the beginning to delivery.

– We have worked with the same factories for years. There is a high level of trust and confidence, superior quality control and timely service. Our factories are certified, regularly audited and we apply the same criteria when hiring a new factory for a project tailored to your unique project and that is priceless.

If your company stands to lose market share because of the high costs associated with manufacturing (for example), then we should be looked at closely.

When your products are labor-intensive; or they are produced with repeatable processes. Or if you need to expand your manufacturing capacity but can’t justify the costs immediately. Or you want to produce your component in different materials without incurring large-scale prototyping costs… for all these circumstances, there are cost-effective options provided by fabrication in Asia. Tooling often costs less than 25% of comparable U.S. tooling. Better yet, contact www.ASIADirect.Co for a complete review of your opportunities.

Besides, remember that we have only one single price that included everything, from your first request until your product is at your warehouse door, everything is included, worry-free. Production, inspections during and final production, safe packing into corrugated, palletizing and shrink wrapping for maximum protection, transportation, freight forward service and insurance, again more inspections and customs clearance in Asia seaport or airport, and then in your port of destination when arriving, and finally local delivery to your warehouse’s door. All of these for one single cost to you. And it is very affordable!

The answer is no. We do not manufacture any brand name product for no one other than the genuine brand owner. We do have customers that manage big names accounts in their portfolio, we manage their projects and have bee manufacturing their client’s marketing products in Asia for years but we do not advertise their brands names, photos of products, or references in our website. Remember we work for you, not for your customers.

However, if you find a product that your customer requested and it might generally “looks like” or it is “somehow” similar to another brand name product, we can help you.

Customer Story:
Once we had a request for a French customer who ordered 7,000 bicycles. We were immediately advised by our Asia partner office that the bicycle model was extremely similar to another well-known brand. We informed the customer and after receiving his authorization, our plant modified the overall structure of the bicycle, giving it a completely new design. Our client sold his flamboyant new bicycle for about US $1,000 each after paying us 5 times less for each. You do the math.

Yes, our business model is oriented to make our customer’s life even easier. Best Affordable All-Inclusive price.

Set-Up: Samples, Manufacturing, Production, and Revisions.

Logistics: Global Freight Shipping to any country, Air-Freight or Sea-Freight

Customs: Customs Clearance, Duty, and Taxes available in the U.S. only

Final delivery: Inland Delivery to your warehouse’s door available in the U.S. only.

One price covers it all.


We do approximately 95% of our manufacturing in China. The remainder is done in South Korea. These locations are where we continue to find the best value, service, and quality, and it is also where we have our overseas partner offices. For special requests, when the customer demands US manufacturing, we offer one of the best networks that are also our clients and we can use them to manufacture in the US. Our customers always know where their product is going to be made and the difference in prices in both regions.

We take care of every part of the manufacturing and import process. Ocean freight and insurance. Customs clearance. Delivery charges and duties. And most importantly: Quality.

We ensure that the products we’ve produced meet the standards you’ve defined. Any quality issues can be solved during the sample approval period. There is no hurry. Even if necessary we will provide a revised new sample to you at no charge.

If a quality issue is addressed during the sample approval, we implement new production and inspection procedures during mass production to prevent a reoccurrence of the issue in the future.

Another customer story (we have plenty, don’t worry):
Once we received a concern from a client in Prague, Czech Republic. He had placed an order for video modules for video brochures. He however thought it could be possible that some of the units were not functioning properly. We explained that we have a very intensive quality control in our production line and each unit is checked several times during production and at the end of the production line before being packaged. However we implement an action plan and commanded our plant manager to assign an extra person in the packaging section. Before each unit was placed inside its plastic bag, before being stuck in the corrugated, each unit was inspected again and turned on and off to be 200% sure they worked properly. Only one of all 20,000 units was destroyed, my client’s eight-years-old son threw it from the fifth floor thinking it was a toy. (Funny story)

We have full control on quality because we implement a sharp and strict methodology:

– For every production a Product Quality Manual is edited, reviewed, verified and validated by a project manager, production manager and quality assurance manager. There is no one single production which starts without having those documents in place. By implementing such documentation (which takes us substantial time to establish) and procedure, we ensure the production is performed properly to avoid any quality issue.

Our business is to protect its customer against production and procurement issues. Our core business is to reduce and limit risk related to Asian manufacturing and purchasing. Those risks include quality issues.

ASIA Direct is a B2B company. Customers who choose us are decision makers, entrepreneurs, business owners who see in the profitability and sustainability equation more than just price as Key Performance Indicator. They usually take into consideration also the No Quality Cost, lasting time frame to distribute their product on their market with a high margin before getting in competition with Asian manufacturers putting pressure on price.

Manufacturing products in Asia is not the fastest option. But the savings can make it well worth the wait if you can forecast your needs, or plan ahead. Quantity is important and substantial orders, versus smalls orders, as you might know, equals bigger savings. ASIA Direct will help you determine your delivery cycle to ensure delivery when needed.

We provide for each project a complete full FREE printed sample or set of samples (samples are sometimes in pairs).

The price for a full printed sample on average is around $50.00 to $200.00. It’s what the factory charges for a full printed sample, we don’t make any money on that. You will make a payment transferred to our company’s US account, then your sample is ordered. You will receive the sample in a week more or less. Whatever you’ve paid for your samples, are reimbursed to your final bill, so they are truly FREE.

After you inspected your sample, if you find any quality issue that demands to be revised again before the final approval, we will provide another sample or set of samples completely free of charge for you.

The amount of time varies from one project to another depending on complexity, quantity, etc.

To source a new suitable factory for a totally unique product might average anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. However, we have a trustful network of factories working with us for years, so the waiting time may be reduced to only days when the item is known. For example bicycles, we know where to make the best bicycles in the world at the best prices for our customers.

Once you place your order, the lead time for the first delivery can average between 6 to 9 weeks, sometimes less, depending on a number of different factors. Those factors include the time it takes to create tooling, approve samples, order raw materials, run production, and ship the order.

The first order always takes the longest. Reorders generally require 30-60 days lead time, which includes raw material ordering, production, and ocean freight.

We will keep you updated about the development of your project, estimate production time of completion, delivery lead time, time of arrival to your warehouse door and any eventuality that may occur. Rest assured, we are your eyes in Asia. It is like having the production plant around the corner.

For orders requiring complexity and duration, we can provide a short in-production video footage inside the factory where our clients can see the actual people working on their project and how advanced production is in real time.

Remember you decided to save between 30% and 50% on your costs and double or triple your profits. Time will pass inexorably, so it is worth the wait.


We do not ship to any country where a restriction from our US government is in place.

Sellers willing to ship internationally, as well as sellers of items made outside the US, should regularly review current information about which countries may be affected by sanctions enforced by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), a division of the US Department of the Treasury.

We do ship to many countries including USA & Canada, Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom, Italy, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Mexico, Panama, and growing!!

Yes, when we quote your project to your warehouse or to your port of destination in US. That price includes all of the costs related to importing, including ocean freight and US Customs duties and clearance fees. You won’t ever need to negotiate with a freight forwarder or a customs broker yourself. We handle all of that for you. We also include your local delivery from the US Port to your facility. Our responsibility is from minute zero to the last minute, from A to Z. Turn-key solution. Well Made, Assured, and Delivered!

We highly recommend it. We are capable to challenge cost for most of foreign logistics companies.

We work with the best and most reliable US freight companies in the field now and we are responsible for your goods until they are in your warehouse. As we insure your project from the first step at no charge for you, that insurance includes the freight service and delivery. Let us share a secret: We don’t make any money on the freight operation. What is charged is what we charge you included in our one-flat-price quotation. This is why our prices are so competitive.

We take such matters seriously and will look into individual cases thoroughly. All our projects, small, medium and big are all covered by Trade Assurance, therefore we guarantee that if you don’t receive what you ordered (it has vever happened to us) we will thoroughly investigate and your money will be refunded integrally to you.

Trade Assurance is a service provided by a very reputable organization to ASIA Direct for all our operations in Asia-Pacific, to all our customers. Trade Assurance covers buyers with 100% payment protection with their projects. We work only with Asian companies that have 100% Trade Assurance coverage implemented as their policy.

Every order placed with us is automatically covered by Trade Assurance. You don’t have to do anything, nor to pay anything extra, your project is covered from the very beginning. It is our policy.

Sea Freight: Between two (2) weeks to a month to complete the trip.

Air Freight: Between four (4) days to a week including Custom Clearance in Asia and in the US.

In addition to the amount of time it takes to physically cross the ocean, handling, customs and other procedures can add significantly to the amount of time necessary to ship goods across the Pacific. It can take as many as 33 days a shipment for transit, and once the ship arrives in the country, it can take up to four more days before the cargo is released.

When a customer requests an Air Freight instead of Sea Freight, we advise him about the enormous difference in costs that will increase considerably our quotation because we quote one-flat-price, everything included.

If you are considering to save a great amount of money, we recommend to plan ahead and use Sea Freight. We have been working with the best freight US companies for years and we move a considerable volume of cargo every month. Our preferential prices will add a great layer of savings in your quotation, trust us!

Payment Terms:

We didn’t make the rule. It is a standard procedure when making business in Asia, especially in China.

The standard payment term is T/T which is explained in detail below, but generally, the upfront payment is a percentage of the total payment amount, before manufacturing, and a balance payment upon completion and before shipment.

Payment Methods Commonly Accepted by Asian Suppliers

  1. Telegraphic Transfer (TT)/International Wire Transfer: This has for ages been the most used payment method, is still the most popular and it is the most common standard across industries. The upfront can be as low as 30% for established accounts although the standard is 50% for new accounts depending on various factors.

ASIA Direct established a T/T payment of 50% upfront and a balance payment upon completion and before shipment for all new accounts to create the necessary level of trust and confidence between both entities.

Every project is unique for us and evaluated accordingly. Depending on each project, the deposit may vary, but it will never be more than half of the total payment.


Never prepay 100% before production. If you think that you are dealing directly with Asia manufacturers, and you are an inexperienced trader you could easily fall into this bad practice that some unscrupulous business-people do there. ASIA Direct will never ask you for the 100% of your order upfront, ever!

Absolutely. You are dealing with an American company with business banking in the United States of America, not in Asia. It is a very different story for an individual trying to make business by himself in Asia. He has to transfer their deposits to an Asian bank.

When you work with ASIA Direct, you are always protected by the US banking regulatory law (FDIC). The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is an independent agency of the United States government that protects the funds depositors place in banks and savings associations. FDIC insurance is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. Since the FDIC was established in 1933, no depositor has lost a penny of FDIC-insured funds.

Your transactions are deposit in a US company’s bank account, not to an Asian bank account. Your transaction is legal, transparent and traceable, we will provide all the official information for your deposits and transfers, directly from the bank branch.

ASIA Direct will provide you with all our bank account information, swift numbers, bank physical address, telephone numbers, contact e-mail address, etc. You will make your deposit via wire transfer or direct deposit to our ASIA Direct Regions Bank account.

Once your initial deposit is cleared in our company bank, we make a payment deposit to the factory in Asia to start your order. The money we send to the factory to start your order (sometimes bigger than your deposit) goes to the manufacturer’s bank system completely secured. Every project we do in Asia is assured from the very beginning by us. It is a free service provide by ASIA Direct to protect your money, (also to protect our money) and your project.

The 50% initial deposit that we pay to the manufacturer is used to buy the raw material to produce your project. No factory in Asia starts any project without a 50% deposit from the customer. In this case, ASIA Direct is the “customer” and we are responsible for the deposit, balance and production of your project from A to Z including the shipment to your warehouse doors.

See how it works:

  1. Deposit payment (the agreed %)

  2. Factory buys the raw material

  3. Production starts

  4. Production completion

  5. Quality Inspection / Compliance testing

  6. Balance payment (the agreed %)

  7. Loading & Shipment

  8. Delivery to the Port of destination (e.g. Miami, Los Angeles, Manzanillo in Mexico, Port of  Venice in Italy, Marseille-Fos Port in France, etc.)

  9. Delivered to your warehouse door.

We don’t use Western Union!
If there’s one big give-away that you’re communicating with Asian scammers and not with a real supplier, it’s requests for payment via Western Union. There are many options for paying suppliers in Asia, but Western Union is never recommended for this purpose. Even Western Union themselves recommend that you don’t use their service for such purposes.

Prevention is better than cure, so if you are looking for Asian products suppliers with maximum protection, make sure that you are at least hiring a suitable project management company in the United States that your deposits are made to a US bank and protected by the US banking regulatory law.