Q: You have indicated that you guarantee quality. What does that mean?

We take care of every part of the manufacturing and import process. Ocean freight and insurance. Customs clearance. Delivery charges and duties. And most importantly: Quality.

We ensure that the products we’ve produced meet the standards you’ve defined. Any quality issues can be solved during the sample approval period. There is no hurry. Even if necessary we will provide a revised new sample to you at no charge.

If a quality issue is addressed during the sample approval, we implement new production and inspection procedures during mass production to prevent a reoccurrence of the issue in the future.

Another customer story, a funny one! (we have plenty, don’t worry):
Once we received a concern from a client in Prague, Czech Republic. He had placed an order for video modules for video brochures. He however thought it could be possible that some of the units were not functioning properly. We explained that we have a very intensive quality control in our production line and each unit is checked several times during production and at the end of the production line before being packaged. However we implement an action plan and commanded our plant manager to assign an extra person in the packaging section. Before each unit was placed inside its plastic bag, before being stuck in the corrugated, each unit was inspected again and turned on and off to be 200% sure they worked properly. Only one of all 20,000 units was destroyed, my client’s eight-years-old son threw it from the fifth floor thinking it was a toy. LOL!

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