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Many people ask me:

How can you do so? How can you keep prices without competition when so many people manufacturing in Asia? How can you cover producer prices and prices of transportation in one number? How can you offer all this service and still be profitable?

Not all of them asked in a good faith, we know that. There are many “fishers” trying to guess what the “trick” the “secret” is, in order to apply them and compete.

The first is to say that there is no trick or secret. is also very good to have competition, that makes us better, more careful, more demanding and providers of excellent service giving even more than we already give.

AsiaDirect represents a very exclusive network of factories in Asia. (Not the forty thieves). We often receive customers directly from Asian factories when they prefer us to handle here in the USA for several reasons: Time zone, language, knowledge and most importantly, fast enough. The response time is extremely important. At the same time, we have our own customers which are served in our network with high priority.

Our prices are not the prices of several intermediaries, which are increasing as they pass from hand to hand. Our prices are direct preferential factories prices and we do not put any markup over, a reason why they are so competitive. Asia Direct pays the plant according to rates highly advantageous to both representation, manufactures and us, and do not have to raise prices arbitrarily.

Fair transportation charges:

When we do transportation planning, we consider the best companies of maritime or air freight with which we already work for years and with whom we have assigned volume prices. We consign the burden of multiple clients in a single shipment and the total price is divided between all the load according to the individual volume. Everyone pays according to the volume of cargo, but all cargo is consolidated in one or more containers at the same time. For example, a customer who is bringing three pallets of merchandise is going to pay less than one that is bringing 10 pallets, but at the end, no one will pay the full price of the entire container.

Recently we brought to Mexico a 40-foot container, fully for a single customer. It is a single charge, a single container, and a single client. In this case, the customer pays the entire load, but the cost of it is determined by the 40-foot container, not by weight or by the number of pallets to bring inside. Believe it or not, bring a full container it more economical to bring a half-filled container. In addition AsiaDirect not make money with transportation, that is not our business. We do not put any markup over the price of transportation and doing so we maintain competitive prices for our customers.

AsiaDirect works with maritime and air transportation companies with physical offices in different countries, including Asia, home port. That is why coordination is accurate and precise. AsiaDirect pays the transportation company for the entire operation since its cargo leaves our plant in Asia until it is delivered to the door of your store or warehouse in your country. You do not have to worry about anything and you are informed constantly throughout the development of the operation. Your only concern is to be available on the day that your cargo is delivered in your warehouse or store door.

What’s the secret? 

Very easy: It is better to earn 1% of a million that 50% of 20 dollars. No Greedy, that’s is the secret!

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