Few months ago I received a call from a friend who has a large print shop and he told me if I could print 25,000 books in Asia. I was surprised, because he has a great printing plant. Then he explained that his client’s budget of $ 8 per book, and here in the US, he could not even buy paper or cover for that money.

300 pages + PLC + ends, perfect bound, 8x 10-inch, 4mm hard cover with leather dust cover. We used 1000 corrugate, 20 shrink wrapped pallets, one 20GP feet container and we did all of these in 28 days, ready to be shipped.

Of course the books were printed in our plants in China. The final price (books in my friend’s warehouse) all inclusive was $ 5.00 per book. My friend made a decent 75K profit without touching anything, as simple as that!

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