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You specialize in your core business, and we specialize in the manufacturing of any product in Asia. You do know what products your customers want, and we know how to produce it at the best price for you. You know what your expectations are, and we know how to help.

So let’s do it together!

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As one of the most experienced and secure services available, ASIA Direct is probably your best choice for developing and producing your projects in Asia at the best cost.

The quality of our well manufactured products, will make your customers coming back, increasing your conversion rates and profits.

We will transform your customer’s needs into superior quality products that will drive your prospects to come back.

We’ll increase your customers’ confidence, improving your professional image, and credibility.

Remember: We Work For You, Not With Your Customers.

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It’s not about insurance. It’s about confidence and security.

Our level of security is so high, that every project that we manage in Asia is assured by default, it’s our policy. So your project, small, medium or large, will be assured automatically from the beginning, paid by us, not by you. 

With Trade Assurance, the problems are solved. If your products are never received (has never happened to us), WE will refund the covered amount of your payment.

Trade Assurance is a service provided by ASIA Direct to all its customers AT NOT CHARGE.

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One of the most important keys to your business growth is to understand your customers. One of the most important keys to our business growth is to understand you.

As a highly qualified company, specializing in manufacturing in Asia, we are probably your best choice for sourcing, developing, manufacturing and receiving your products Well Made, Assured and Delivered.

Let’s Start Working Together, as a Team!

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Working For You. Not With Your Customers!

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Let's Make it Simple in 4 Steps


Tell us what you want, what kind of product are you looking for, and give us the best possible information. Even only your customer’s idea. We know how to help you better.

We’re obsessed about fast response!


Let’s start “shaping the diamond” and seeing all the possibilities of your project to be doable. Some products cannot be made due to copyright infringements. We don’t do that.

Then we will send you an estimate with our prices and payment terms. Now with your OK and your initial deposit, we will make your full product sample totally free in one of our plants in Asia for your approval.


With the approval of your full printed sample, the mass production starts. You will be provided with a constant, and accurate information of your project production lead-time, delivery estimate time of arrival and final delivery to your warehouse.

Our office in Asia is setting us up to date all the time, so we will also keep you updated.


Our office in Asia is responsible for arranging safe shipping. We handle all paperwork. We use ONLY the best international freight companies with the highest standard of security. Your cargo always arrives at its port of destination safely, palletized and shrink-wrapped with a plastic film for complete protection or an FCL sealed container
. All PAID by ASIA Direct to your port of destination.

Well Made, Assured & Delivered!

Best Affordable All-Inclusive price always!
Set-Up | Samples | Development | Manufacturing | Production and Revisions.
Logistics: Global Freight to your destination port in any country.

Available for U.S. Customers Only.
Origination and Customs Clearance | Duty and Taxes.
Inland Delivery to your warehouse’s door.
One price covers it all

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